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“At Cabinets Bend Oregon, we believe that the advantages and uses of cabinets in various areas around your home should be determined not only by your creativity but also by your needs when it comes to additional storage space.”

Cabinets Bend Oregon

Your home requires storage— a lot of it. Cabinets are generally the most common choice. However, there is more to them than just rectangular or square boxes with doors, drawers and shelves. When added to any part of your home, they can act as a focal point and when done right, can be most useful at tying together the entire ambiance and look for your kitchen and bathroom.

At Cabinets Bend Oregon, we believe that the advantages and uses of cabinets in various areas around your home should be determined not only by your creativity but also by your needs when it comes to additional storage space. We are experienced and established experts in cabinetry and will be more than happy to assist you in your journey towards making your home space fully maximized, your storage needs met, and your aesthetics taken into consideration at the same time.

When you need professionals in cabinetry for any part of your home, we are the number to call. We are in the business of making the highest-standard quality Bend cabinets and fixtures and have been offering our services in Bend and other neighboring areas for years. We offer a wide variety of affordable and high-end home cabinets for your home and kitchen remodel Bend Oregon projects. Our service is customizable so you can trust that you will get the perfect Brian’s cabinets for your homes at the end of the day.

Often, people shy away from the idea of getting custom cabinets added to their homes for fear that it is going to cost them a hefty sum. While it is true that customized kitchen cabinets Bend Oregon are going to be priced higher, the fact that you have the option to select your preferred material, design and dimensions will allow you to end up with pieces that will look perfect for the specific spaces in your home— and we will be more than happy to make that happen for you.

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What can we offer?

Endless choices

One of the many advantages of bespoke Brian’s cabinets is that you get pieces that are appropriate for your specific needs and style preferences. This allows you to take advantage of unlimited design options where you get to select your preferred materials, finishes, colors and a whole bunch of other details. As such, you can expect to get cabinets for kitchen store Bend Oregon that are ideal for your needs.

Make the most of your home space

Our bespoke cabinets for your kitchen store Bend Oregon needs can be customized to your preferred dimensions. This allows you to get them suitable for the specific type and amount of space you have in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge kitchen or a small–sized bathroom. The cabinets can be made with the dimensions appropriate for your space so you can truly maximize it.

Long-term value

Customized cabinets are perfect for kitchen remodel Bend Oregon. They can add considerable value to your property too since they will not only enhance its overall look and appeal, it is going to increase its overall market value. If you have any plans of selling the house in the future, the addition of top-quality cabinetry is always a good choice since it will make the property more attractive to buyers.

More functional

When we add home and kitchen cabinets Bend Oregon for our clients, we see to it that your needs and specific storage preferences are taken into account. We can get the pieces designed to fit your height or the dimensions of your interiors so reaching the pieces mounted on your walls won’t be that difficult to do as well as prevent you from bumping into these fixtures every time. We can have them designed with your storage needs taken into consideration so you can truly maximize their uses.

Increased Value & Curb Appeal

When you choose to get customized Bend cabinets, expect that they will be handcrafted. This ensures that the materials, finishes and details of your preferred pieces are not just going to be unique but are top-quality too. When you want to add cabinets to your home, you’d prefer for them to last for a long time. The best way to do that is by having them bespoke.

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Why choose us?

There’s a reason Cabinets Bend Oregon has since been the cabinet maker of choice in Bend and other nearby areas.


We have been in the business for a long time and have established an excellent reputation over the years. Take a look at our history and you will find nothing but a long list of highly satisfied repeat customers that have since stayed with us over the years, thanks to the consistent professional cabinet- making skills we have displayed every time. That’s also the reason why we have always been one of the top-reviewed cabinet makers in the business.

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Quality materials and craftsmanship

Our highly skilled carpenters will see to it that the cabinets that will be offered for you will be made only of top-notch materials by people with immense experience and impressive skills in the cabinet making business. We never skimp on quality and when cabinets that last for years to come are what you’re looking for, we are the one to call.

Competitive prices

Scared that getting bespoke cabinets for your home will be highly expensive? Not with us! We have made our services more accessible price-wise for our clients. We believe that getting top quality cabinets for your home shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. We are focused on delivering services that will be well within your means. If you have a specific budget set, we will be more than happy to work with you to come up with the best cabinets to adorn your home. Call us today to get started!

Bespoke cabinets just for you

We take your preferences, needs and storage space requirements into account when designing your home cabinets. At the same time, we see to it that aesthetics are also incorporated in the work we do. When you hire us, you don’t just get practically functional cabinets for your home but you get good- looking ones as well.

Questions frequently asked

Why choose a custom cabinet over cabinets purchased from “big box” stores?Custom cabinets offer the greatest benefit: they are yours alone. Your custom cabinetry can be made to your specifications, including color, door style and wood species. Cabinet height and depth can also be adjusted to accommodate corners or other unusually shaped spaces. You can’t make your cabinets unique by buying them in standard sizes. We build, finish, and install cabinets to ensure that we are in control of quality throughout the entire process. Pricing is another issue. While custom cabinets may seem more expensive than cabinets sold at “big box” stores in the perception, our pricing is extremely competitive.
Are there any charges for estimates and designs?Two hours of design time is included in the free estimate. If you decide to go ahead with the project, you will need to pay a design fee. This will be added to the final cost.
Are you able to work with both homeowners and contractors? Do I need a kitchen designer or a contractor?We love to work with homeowners. We are happy to work directly with homeowners and contractors who have a complete design plan. We are able to take your design idea and make it a reality. However, our 30-plus years of cabinet building have given us a lot of design knowledge and can assist you with that process, depending on how complex the project is.
Are your cabinets equipped with soft-close drawers and doors?Standard doors come with concealed soft close hinges and standard drawers are equipped with full extension soft close guides. There are certain types of cabinets that don’t allow soft close, and there are other situations.
Are you able to build cabinets for rooms other than kitchens?Yes. Yes. We can make cabinetry for any space or room.
How can I start a project to remodel my home that includes cabinetry and other materials?To get an idea of the types and styles that you love, it is important to do some research. Pinterest, Houzz and the Internet are all great sources for inspiration and design ideas.

Are your cabinets covered by a warranty?
For the life of your hinges and drawer slides, you are covered. Cabinets come with a limited warranty of five years against defects in material and workmanship.